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Answers to the many questions folks have asked since 1999.

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KEN'S Korny Corn Maze Hours

Click the Hours & Events tab for KEN’S 2023 hours of operation

What age group should visit?

ONE good thing about KEN’S Korny Corn Maze is that it offers something for every age group; although the ones with their feet on the ground have the most fun!

KEN’S goal is to ensure that everyone in your group leaves with memories they will cherish.

What should I wear / bring when I visit?
  • Comfortable shoes! Remember you’re walking through a cornfield.
  • Portable chairs if you want to sit while your kids play in the Adventure Zone.
  • Camera to capture memories that will be made during your visit.
  • A few extra bucks, just in case.
  • Bug spray and sunscreen are helpful
Are credit and debit cards accepted?

YES! Admission to KEN’S Korny Corn Maze and Adventure Zone can be paid by VISA, Master Card, and Discover. KEN’S does not accept American Express.

Cash is accepted, too!

Bring some extra cash for concessions as KEN’S does not have an ATM on-site.

Can I bring my pet?

No. There are lots of folks, farm animals, and busy activity areas on site. KEN’S allows service animals on the property.  Leashed service animals must stay on the paths within the corn maze. Bring clean-up bags.

For a pet-friendly event, visit KEN’S on Pet Weekend, November 4-6. Leashed pets must stay on the paths within the corn maze. Bring clean-up bags

Do I have to pay for parking?

No. Parking is FREE and we have plenty of it!

What if it rains?

KEN’S is an outdoor venue and KEN’S has no control over the weather!

If rain is forecast, dress for the weather.  KEN’S will operate in misty rain conditions.

If there is a threat of severe weather, KEN’S we will evacuate the site for the safety of guests and staff.

KEN’S does not issue refunds. Ask at the ticket booth about rain checks. The rain check allows you to return on a future date.

Check KEN’S website, Facebook, and Instagram pages for current information and special weather announcements.

Can I bring a picnic or drinks?

No. Sorry, but KEN’S does not allow any outside food or beverages into the maze or Adventure Zone.

Exceptions are made for guests renting KEN’S private event tent.

Are there picnic tables?

YES! KEN’S offers two picnic areas—one public and one for private events.

The public picnic area, under the large metal structure, has picnic tables where you can relax and enjoy food from KEN’S concession vendors.

The large red and white tent is for private events. Visit the Parties & Rentals tab for more info.

Do I have to pay admission if I don’t want to walk through the maze?

YES, if you choose to bypass the corn-fusing maze, KEN’S has an admission fee for the Adventure Zone.

Visit KEN’S Corn Maze Admissions tab for details.

Is the maze lit at night?

YES. KEN’S Korny Corn Maze and Adventure Zone are lighted, so the fun continues after sunset.

Are there restrooms?

Yes, KEN’S offers standard and accessible Port-a-lets throughout the property, including one at the Rest Station inside the maze.

Are food vendors on site?

YES! KEN’S hosts two concession stands. One serves hotdogs, chips, soda, water, and sports drinks; the other serves mini doughnuts or funnel cakes and lemonade.

Vendors prefer cash.

Are reservations required for KEN'S Korny Corn Maze?

No.  However, if you have a large group (+50) visiting, give KEN’S a few days notice. Call 919-779-4765 to let us know.

Are picnic tents available for private events?

YES, KEN’S has a picnic/party tent for rent. It’s available in two-hour blocks. Visit the Parties & Rentals tab for more information. 

Does the hayride operate all the time?

No, KEN’S hayride doesn’t operate on Friday evenings or after dusk.

How does KEN'S create the maze?

It takes a lot of practice and patience! After 24 years, KEN’S has had a lot of both.

KEN’S particular method of designing the maze is a trade secret, but here’s a few tidbits…

  • the entire field is planted in July.
  • the design is cut out when the stalks are very short.
  • the crop is managed throughout the growing season and rain is a critical element.
  • the sections are color coded and the paths are groomed to make them easy to navigate.
How long does it take to navigate the maze?

KEN’S Korny Corn Maze is really three mazes in one—easy, difficult, and hard.

Navigating the three sections takes about one hour, though some folks complete it in less time.

With KEN’S expanded Adventure Zone, the littles can play while older siblings and friends navigate the maze.

There’s plenty to keep everyone entertained so allow plenty of time for fun.

What are the maze paths like?

KEN’S maze paths are wide, clear, and good for walking. Some areas are sandy, making it difficult for wheelchairs to pass through. KEN’S recommends a jogger stroller or wagon for nonwalkers.

How big is the maze?

KEN’S Corn Maze is five acres divided into three different mazes. This makes it accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages. You are welcome to navigate all three sections—as many times as you like during your visit—or complete just one. Either way, you can still claim to have Conquered KEN’S Korny Corn Maze.

What if I need to get out?

Each group carries a flag so you can be easily spotted by KEN’S Chief Corn Cop (CCC) on the observation tower.  

If there is an emergency or you just need help getting out of the maze, wave your flag in the air! A Corn Cop will be dispatched to your location. KEN’S Corn Cops memorize the maze so you won’t have to guess which path will lead to the exit.

Is someone watching the maze?

YES! KEN’S Chief Corn Cop (CCC) is always on duty in the observation tower and watches the maze. The CCC can spot lost persons and potential trouble, sometimes before it happens. From the tower, the CCC is in constant communication with KEN’S Corn Cops on the ground. The Corn Cops will assist with any issues in the maze.

Is the corn maze haunted?

NO, KEN’S Korny Corn Maze is NOT haunted. In fact, it’s a family-friendly activity offering fresh air, fragrant scents, circuitious routes, and agricultural fun.

Once inside the corn maze, do I just walk around?

Well, you could skip or speed walk, but no Seriously, it’s a game! Have fun playing on your own or competing with other teams.

There are 12 stamp stations set up within the corn maze (KENS, CORN, MAZE) you must find all 12 stamp stations—hopefully in order—to complete your game card. 

Is alcohol allowed on site?

No. Alcohol is not permitted on the property.

Can I smoke or vape in the maze?

No. KEN’S corn maze grounds are a tobacco-free zone. KEN’S asks that you respect that rule.

If you are seen smoking or vaping within the maze grounds, KEN’S will assume you are on fire and will take appropriate action!

Can I drop off my kids and return later?

No. Drop offs are not allowed.

To ensure the safety of all KEN’S guests, minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Is it okay to cut through the corn?

No. KEN’S guests must remain on the paths at all times. Additional rules will be reviewed before visitors enter the maze.

Guests unable to follow the rules will be asked to leave immediately. Everyone is at KEN’S to have a good time. Please follow the rules and preserve the corn for others.

How do I know KEN'S is open?

Check the banner on KEN’S homepage and our Facebook and Instagram pages (KensProduce and KensKornyCornMaze) for the latest info and special weather announcements.

What if there is an emergency?

KEN’S has trained medical personnel on site in the event of an emergency. Staff work with emergency responders and follow an emergency protocol plan.

“Great fun! We did everything! The korn maze, the playground, the animals, the hayride, and picked sunflowers to take home!”
Deborah Pergerson